Wednesday, June 5, 2013

North Carolina's Naval Section Bases-- Part 2

The 58-acre Morehead Naval Section Base was purchased by the Navy in 1941 for $15,000 on Bogue Sound, just west of Morehead City.  Construction began November 14 and consisted of a two-story, multi-winged building housing the administrative offices, mess hall and barracks.  Other buildings held additional barracks, machine and repair shops, a medical facility and heating plat.

In a remote area north of this, eight concrete magazines  for ammunition, depth charges and explosives were constructed.  A pier with two extensions could dock eight patrol vessels and subchasers.  Total price for the base was more than a million dollars and it was located about five miles from the entrance to Beaufort Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean.

Stuff You Usually Don't Read About In the War.  --GreGen

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