Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sunken WWII Ships Off Florida's Coast-- Part 3

Seven ships were sunk by U-boats off Cape Canaveral (CC), seven off Stuart (between Fort Pierce and Palm Beach (S) and three off Boca Raton (B).

All but one were sunk in 1942 and all but four during April and May, the time of the highest U-boat concentration and activity.

Here is a list of those 17 ships: Date, Name, Where (CC,S, B), cargo, U-boat and deaths out of crew.


1.  Feb. 19--  PAN MASSACHUSETTS--  CC--  oil--  U-128, 20 of 38.

2.  Feb. 21--  REPUBLIC--S--  empty tanker--  U-504--  5 of 34.

3.  Feb. 22--  CITIES SERVICE EMPIRE--  CC--  tanker--  U-128--  14 of 50.

4.  Feb. 22--  W.D. ANDERSON--  U-504--  35 of 36.

For some reason, there were no sinkings in March, perhaps the U-boats had left the area to reprovision or had been sent elsewhere?  Anyway, they were back in full force in April and May.

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