Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Flooded World War II Guernsey German Bunker Reopened By Festung Guernsey

From the BBC-Guernsey.

The Festung Guernsey organization pumped water out of four concrete structures built to house a 4.7 cm gun at Vazon Bay. There is also an identical bunker at L'Eree. They were a bit surprised to find a Congee eel and no one is sure how long or how it got there. After catching it, the eel was returned to the sea.

The bunkers were part of Hitlers Atlantikwall (Atlantic Wall) which ran from northern Norway to France and its border with Spain. It was built to defend occupied countries from the anticipated Allied attack.

No doubt German engineers determined that Vazon Bay would be a good spot to invade Guernsey.

Most Have Been One Thankful Eel. --GreGen

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