Monday, November 11, 2013

Marine Corps 238th Birthday Breakfast-- Part 2: The Commandant's Message

From James F. Amos, General USMC, Commandant:

"For 238 years, The United States Marine Corps has proudly served our great Nation with unfailing valor--bolstered by the enduring fortitude of our fellow Marines, our families, and our friends. This is why each year on November 10th, Marines from all generations gather together, in groups large and small, to celebrate the birthday of our Corps and to reflect on the proud legacy and warrior ethos we share. This is what unites us as Marines.

From our first battle at New Providence to today in Afghanistan, Marines have always shown that they were made of tougher stuff-- that when the enemy's fire poured in from all angles, and the situation was grim, Marines unequivocally knew that their fellow Marines would stay behind their guns, fight courageously, and drive the enemy from the battlefield.

We have always known hardship, fatigue and pain...but we have never known what it is to lose a battle."

The Few, the Proud....

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