Monday, November 11, 2013

The Doolittle Raiders Final Toast-- Part 1

This past Saturday, Liz and I stayed home long enough to see the ceremony live from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base's National Museum of the US Air Force, featuring three of the surviving Doolittle Raiders and their Final Toast to "those who have gone on before."

This was major history happening right before our eyes and we got to see it. It streamed live on the National Museum USAF and you can probably still see it at the site. I have been keeping tabs on the surviving Doolittle raiders on this blog and on my history blog before this for three years now. I also kept up with the last survivors of World War I.

Dignitaries were there, but I have to wonder why President Obama, the vice president or Secretary of Defense weren't in attendance. What these men accomplished and the courage they displayed is what the Greatest Generation is all about and they took it to a new level. I WOULD have been there.

The Greatest of the Greatest. --GreGen

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