Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Marine Corps 238th Birthday Breakfast-- Part 5: Cake Cutting Ceremony

After the messages were read, the tradional cake cutting ceremony took place and, as in years past, the good folks at Lovin Ovens in Round Lake donated a magnificent cake with the Marine Corps emblem done in icing. This is where the oldest Marine present gives a piece to the youngest active duty Marine, signifying the passing on of tradition and knowledge.

This tradition was begun in 1925 in Philadelphia as a coming together of the old with the new.

Oldest Marine in attendance was a woman, Madeline Weiner, born in 1922. She received the first piece, then presented the second piece to Corporal Largent, who was born in 1990. This brought chuckles from the other, much-older, Marines in the room even though Corporal Largent was 23. Signifying warriors, the cake was cut with a sword.

After that, we had the retiring of the colors and introduction of guests.

Marines Are All About Tradition. --GreGen

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