Tuesday, November 5, 2013

U-87: Sank Five Allied Ships

From U-boat.net.

Last week and yesterday, I wrote about the sinking of the SS Port Nicholson by the U-87 off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and rescue by the Canadian warship HMCS Nanaimo.

The U-87 was commissioned 19 August 1941 and commanded by Joachim Berger for its whole career. In its career, it sank five ships totalling 38,014 tons.

Its most successful day came when it sank two ships, one the SS Port Nicholson, on June 16, 1942.

It was sunk 4 March 1943, west of Leix Oes off Portugal by depth charges from the HMCS St. Croix with the loss of all 49 crew.

Ships sunk by the U-87:

31 Dec 1941, SS Cardita, British, 8,237 tons
17 Jan 1942, SS Nyholt, 8.087 tons
16 June 1942, SS Port Nicholson, British, 8,402 tons
16 June 1942, SS Cherokee, U.S., 5,896 tons
11 October 1942, SS Agapenor, British, 7,392 tons.

The Story of a Submarine. --GreGen

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