Saturday, November 16, 2013

Russian Guns in German Battery On English Soil-- Part 3: The Imperator Aleksandr, From World War I to the Cold War

After rebuilding the guns to accept German ammunition, they were placed at Batterie Mirus in Guernsey. The Finns used four of the remaining 12-inch guns in coastal batteries and the last four were used to replace ones on Soviet Railway guns.

After the war, these last eight were handed over to the Soviet Union and kept in operation until 1991. One turret is now a memorial at Isosaan and one barrel is preserved at the Finnish Coast Artillery Museum in Kuivasaan.

When captured, the Nina was also carrying some of the Aleksandr's 13-cm guns. Some were used at the fort at Tangane on the island of Rugsunday. These guns engaged the British light cruiser HMS Kenya during Operation Norway Archery in 1941, but saw no other action.

So There You Have the History of the Guns of the Aleksandr. --GreGen

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