Friday, April 18, 2014

Recounting the History of Colfax Veteran Killed in Action-- Part 1

From the March 7, 2014, Newton (Iowa) Daily News by Matthew Nosco. //// Norman Ellsworth graduated from Colfax High School in 1936 and enlisted in the Navy Feb. 15, 1937, and after training was assigned to the battleship USS Nevada for most of his 8-year naval career. //// He was not on the Nevada during the Pearl Harbor attack (60 killed) as he was attending a special training school in San Diego at the time. //// The Nevada was repaired for a year at Pearl Harbor and Puget Sound Navy Yard. It received better anti-aircraft guns and then deployed for the Battle of Attu, Alaska. //// Receiving furlough, he returned home and married Louise veronica Villasen. Reassigned to the destroyer escort USS Whitehurst which went on many refueling and escort missions. After that, it was sent to Indonesia where it patrolled and monitored traffic between the two main islands. //// --GreGen

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