Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Battle of the Atlantic Off the North Carolina Coast April 1942-- Part 1

From the NC Wreck Diving site. //// Even though most Americans were unaware of it, German U-boats were waging an all-out war on maritime commerce off the entire U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts. These are just ships sunk off the coast of North Carolina. //// All dates are 1942: April 2nd: LIEBRE, tanker, shelledby U-123, 9 killed. //// April 3rd: OTHO, freighter, torpedoed and sunk by the U-754, 31 killed. //// April 4th: ENSIS, tanker, damaged by gunfire from U-572. //// April 4th: BYRON D. BEASSON, tanker, torpedoed and sunk by U-552, 10 killed. //// Many More to Come. --GreGen

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