Wednesday, April 16, 2014

USS Indainapolis Survivor John Heller-- Part 1

From the July 14, 2011, "Survivor of USS Indianapolis speaks to fellow veterans" by Jennie Miller. //// (This article appeared before John Heller's death this past April 2, 2014.) //// John Williams, introducing John Heller, 83, said, "There are two things Navy men know. The first is Pearl Harbor. The second id the USS Indianapolis." //// When he was on the Indianapolis, John Heller was just 17 years, the youngest on board and fresh out of boot camp. That fateful July 30, 1945, he had just finished bridge watch at 8 PM. Just after midnight, the first torpedo "hit in the most vulnerable spot" between the aviation gasoline and ammunition for the big guns. That blast took twenty feet off the Indianapolis' hull. //// He and others worked to get a life raft free. They went over the side and one of the planes that was still up on the observation platform (probably catapult launch) started rolling over toward him and the others. //// More to Come. --GreGen

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