Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fate of Italian-Canadians in the War

From the March 2, 2012, Vancouver (Can,) Courier  "Friend and Foe" by Cheryl Rossi.

Luigi "Lou" Moro served in the Canadian Navy in World War II, despite being classified as an "enemy alien" by his government.

He had arrived in Canada 12 years earlier as a pre-teen in 1929 and had become a sports hero..

Forty-four Italian-Canadians were interred in British Columbia also enlisted to get out of internment.

There is a new book by Ray Culos "Injustice Served"  It covers the story of those 44 as well as up to 700 Italians across the country who were interred without charges after Italy joined forces with Germany on June 10, 1940.

Another 1800 men of the 4,500 Italians living in Vancouver were designated "Enemy Aliens" and had to report to the police once a month.  These men carried financial and emotional scars for the rest of their life.

There were three categories of "Enemy Alien" in Vancouver:  Italian nationals, Italian immigrants who arrived during Mussolini's dictatorship and members of the Circolo Giu lio Giordani Italian Club.

Japanese-Canadians were also interred.


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