Thursday, July 3, 2014

Navajo Code Talkers

It is always sad to see the last member of any group die, but this group was an extraordinarily special one.  Their service saved untold American lives and hastened the end of the war in the Pacific.  The group definitely deserved Gold Stars.

And, these 29 were the ones who actually developed the code.  Other Code Talkers followed them, but used what the originals had made.

And, considering what the United States had done to their people, their service is all the more to be admired.  They could have just told the American government to drop dead and sat out the war, but yet they fought and risked their lives for "their Country."  And, then, there was always the tremendous prejudice against them from their white comrades.

I wonder how many of the other Code Talkers are still alive.

Sorry to Lose Mr. Nez, Definitely One of the Front rank of the Greatest Generation.  --GreGen

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