Saturday, July 5, 2014

Memphis Belle at Air Force Museum-- Part 2

There have been two films made about the famous warbird.  The was a 1944 documentary "the Memphis Belle" and a 1990 movie of the same name.

The Bel;le was part of the 324th Bomb Squadron of the 91st Bomb Group (Heavy) based at Bassingbourne, England, during the war.  Its missions began in November 1942 and were often unescorted. on its 25 missions.

Of the 12,800 B-17s produced as part of the massive U.S. war effort, there are only a few more than fifty left in the world.  The Air Force Museum has one on display, two under restoration and 13 on loan elsewhere.

The name "Memphis Belle" came from the girlfriend of Army Air Force Lt. and pilot, Robert Morgan, Margaret Polk of Memphis, Tennessee.


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