Saturday, July 19, 2014

U-172-- Part 1


This was the first submarine to sink poor old Farris Burton and had quite an eventful career and end.

Commissioned 5 November 1941 and went on six war patrols, sinking 26 ships with a total tonnage of 152,000.


8 Oct 1942:  Depth-charged by HMS Rockrose with only slight damage

10 Oct 1942  At periscope depth just after sinking the Orcades (troop transport ).  The U-172 had torpedoed the ship and sunk it.  Loss of 45 dead and 1022 survivors).  An aircraft dropped three depth charges.  No damage, but had to leave area.

28 March 1943:  Attacked Convoy RS-3; damaged.

7 April 1943:  Two B-24 Liberator bombers dropped 12 depth charges.  The U-172 stayed on the sirface and fought it out, receiving no damage.

11 August 1943: Attacked by aircRaft while rescuing crew of U-604 following her scuttling.

-- GreGen

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