Friday, June 1, 2018

84th Infantry Division-- Part 1: "The Railsplitters"

In the last posts in May, I wrote about the two Indiana World War II veterans, Vernon Clark and Acie Shaffer.  I do not think Vernon Clark was in this division since he was in the Pacific Theater and I found no mention of the 84th being there.

From Wikipedia.

The division had been in service during World War I, but saw no action.

It's nickname is "The Railsplitters."

It was activated on October 15, 1942, at Camp Howze, Texas, 60 miles north of Dallas.  The men embarked in September 1944, arrived in the United Kingdom 1 October and received additional training.  They landed at Omaha Beach from November 1-4, 1944 and moved to the Netherlands.


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