Sunday, June 3, 2018

For God and County: Paralyzed Veterans of America June 2018 Calendar-- Part 1: 101st Airborne Prepares For D-Day


Painting of paratroopers kneeling by parachutes as they are blessed, standing by a C-47 plane.  These paintings are remarkable in their detail.

The day is June 5, 1944, and the setting is Upottery Airfield, England.  As the sun goes down, the 101st Airborne paratroopers of Easy Company's Stick 70 receive a blessing from their beloved regimental chaplain, Captain John Maloney.

On this evening, later dubbed the "Night of Nights," the paratroopers and the aircrew begin a new battle in France for the salvation of the Free World.  When the blessing concludes, the men don their parachutes to go serve God and country.

And, You Know, D-Day.  --GreGen

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