Friday, June 22, 2018

The Peshtigo Firestorm, 1971-- Part 2: The Peshtigo Paradigm

I have been writing about the Peshtigo Firestorm's relationship to the Civil War in my Saw the Elephant: Civil War Blog this past month.  Occurring in 1871, there were many Civil War veterans involved in it.

But, this calamity was studied for use in World War II.

"Those responsible for planning the U.S. tactics in World War II would seek to understand how to create firestorm conditions using the information gathered from Peshtigo and other studies.

Peshtigo was not only the first documented firestorm but it was the only firestorm to destroy seventeen towns, and when Chicago is included in the Peshtigo Paradigm, the only firestorm to destroy towns, forests and a major American city."


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