Friday, March 8, 2013

Pearl Harbor Veterans 70th Anniversary-- Part 1

From Dec. 7 Nick News

J.C. Alston on USS California
Konrad O'Hearn on USS Maryland.

Both speak at local schools.

Dec. 8th Florida Times-Union

Duane Reyetts, 89, was asleep in his bunk on the USS Oklahoma when the first torpedo hit.  He was 20 and in top shape and made the 600 foot dash from that bunk to his battle station in the stern in a few minutes despite all the confusion.  When the ship capsized, he did a chin-up to climb out a porthole to safety.

This is also the first I read that the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association was disbanding after 53 years of operation.

Dec. 7th Orange County Register.

Robert D. West on the USS Oklahoma which was struck by seven torpedoes and sank in just 18 minutes.

Charles K. Kohnow was a Marine and used fire axe to break into a weapons locker to get guns to shoot back.


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