Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sydney Harbour, Canada, Played Role in Both World Wars

From the March 3, 1913, Cape Breton Post by Rannie Gillis.

Both Sydney and Halifax Harbours in Canada played important roles in the world wars as bases for wartime convoys which could easily accomodate 100 vessels.

The use of convoys in the First World War didn't start until the last year of the war.

During the Second World War, there were two distinct types of convoys.  "Fast Convoys" consisted of ships that could keep up with at least 10 knots and left from Halifax.  "Slow Convoys" left from Sydney Harbour.  Both harbors were also bases for escort ships.

A small naval facility was started at Sydney, HMCS Protector.

Never Heard of Sydney Harbour.  --GreGen

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