Monday, March 25, 2013

The USS Mason (DE-529): Mostly Black Crew-- Part 2

The USS Mason had 13 officers, only one of whom was black and 191 enlisted men, of which 160 were black.

On September 2, 1944, the ship arrived in New York to escort Convoy 119 which reached England on October 18th after encountering a huge storm on the way.  The little ship was in danger itself, but rescued crews from stricken ships and was critically damaged.  That damage was repaired at sea.

For thirty days the convoy battled record 50 foot waves and 70 knotwind.  Three tugs sank, 8 car floats and 5 cargo barges.

The crew never received letters of commendation for their efforts and heroism until 1994.

Charles Dana Gibson wrote the book "The Ordeal of Convoy NY 119" about the story.

There is now a USS Mason guided missile destroyer in the US Navy.

Sounds Like a Good Movie to Me.  --GreGen

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