Monday, March 11, 2013

Wilmington NC's Ties to Pearl Harbor-- Part 2

Clyde Moore's remains were never fully identified and he is buried with other shipmates in the St. Louis National Cemetery in k49.

The first local man from Wilmington to die in the attack was Signalman First Class Harvey Howard Horrell on the USS Arizona who was stationed on the bridge when the ship was hit.  He died in the explosion at 8:10 AM.  His remains either vaporized, scattered or settled on the muddy bottom.

Bert Melton is reported to have died at his post, probably topside.  His remains were never recovered.  A total of 428 died on the Oklahoma that day.

Clyde Moore, 23, was a graduate of New Hanover High School and one of three brothers serving in the Navy at the time. Altogether, his parents, Mr. and Mrs J.R. Moore of Castle Hayne, had six sons in the Navy, considered the highest number of siblings to serve from one family in North Carolina.

Harvey Horrell was 30 and unmarried.  He had enlisted at age 18.

Bill Melton turned 25 on December 7th and was a New Hanover High School graduate who had enlisted in the Navy in 1926.

The Moore Family Sure Gave to Their Country.  --GreGen

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