Friday, March 8, 2013

Pearl Harbor Veterans 70th Anniversary-- Part 2

Dec. 8th Dothan (Al) Eagle

Each year Enterprise High School students write thank you letters to local Pearl Harbor survivors.  Sadly, this year, there was only one to write to.

CHESTER FAULKNER, 93, joined the Army to get off the farm and out of the Great Depression.  He was asleep at Schofield Barracks and was awakened by a dull sound that got louder.  The sound of bombs was rattling the barracks' windows, "I was wondering what it was all about when I saw the big red balls on the planes."  He said the next several days he had real hard work digging fortifications for an anticipated attack.

Dec. 7th KCRG TV 9, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Robert Urich, then 18, was a Navy fireman, "There was a terrific explosion and the ship lurched and it takes quite a bit to make a battleship lurch."  He survived, his brother did not.  He checked hospitals looking for him.

Signalman Francis Riley, 89.

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