Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LT. Robert R. Hatch, USAAF-- Part 1

Back in March, I went to a presentation about North Carolina's Tuscarora Indians at the Wayne County Museum (an old USO from the war) in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  After the presentation, I was touring the museum and came across a book about Goldsboro and Wayne County men who had died during World War II. 

It was opened to a page and one of the names was that of Robert R. Hatch who died January 10, 1943 in the Pacific area.  He was the son of Mrs. James J. Hatch of N. George Street in Goldsboro.

Well, of course, this sparked my interest in the man so had to do some more research on him.  My father was so impressed with the man that he named my brother after him.  When my parents took him over to meet Mrs. Hatch, she started crying according to my mom. 

Now, that is just quite a coincidence.  --GreGen

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