Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bid to Save Famous Australian Ship

From the February 23, 2013, "Bid to save former World War II Japanese fishing boat MV Krait" by Ian McPhederan.

The Australian War  memorial is asking the New South Wales government and the corporate sector for help in saving the former Japanese fishing boat MV Krait.  In September 1943, the 21 meter vessel with 14 members of the top secret "Z" Special Unit entered Japanese-occupied Singapore Harbor.

The Australians then paddled into the harbor and sank 39,000 tons of enemy shipping and then returned to Australia.

As a result, Operation Jaywick sank more enemy shipping than any other Australian ship.  The Krait is now tied to the Australian  National Maritime Museum in Darling and in bad shape.

Save That Ship.  --GreGen

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