Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lt. Robert R. Hatch, USAAF-- Part 3: The "Dixie" Crashes

From Oz at War site.

On August 7, 1942, the Dixie crashed near Wu Wu after missing Port Moresby and running out of fuel.  The crew escaped injury and returned to Port Moresby six days later.  The pilot of the plane was Lt. Robert Hatch.

In a photo taken of Dixie's crew after the Raid on Rabaul Harbor on April 6, 1942, the crew was listed as:

Pfc James F. Shemberger (turret gunner)
Pfc L.G. Robinson (radio operator)
Private L.R. Ware (bombadier)
2nd Lt. J. Seamer Jr. (copilot)
2nd Lt. Richard R. Hatch (pilot)
2nd Lt. C.W. Castel (navigator)

They are listed left to right in the accompanying photo.


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