Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Follow Up to California's Tuna Canyon Detention Station-- Part 2

The first enemy aliens arrived at the camp December 16, 1941 and between then and May 25, 1942, some 1,490 Japanese males passed through the camp.  Later, Japanese-Peruvians were transferred to the Kenedy INS detention camp in Texas.

Tuna Canyon included seven barracks, an infirmary, mess hall, office building, medical care and barbershop.  Visitors were allowed, but one Sunday, 1,837 showed up causing all sorts of problems and after that, visits were limited to just two minutes.

One person of particular interest incarcerated at the camp was Toraichi Kono, Charlie Chaplin's chauffeur and personal secretary until 1934.  he had been accused of being a Japanese spy.

After the war, the site became a Los Angeles probation school for boys until 1960 when a group of doctors bought it and built the Verdugo Hills Golf Course which is still operating, but since sold to developers who want to build 229 homes on it.

Peruvian-Japanese?  Looks like something I'll have to look up.

Stuff I Didn't Know.  --GreGen

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