Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sad to See Them Go: The USS West Virginia's Deaths

From the USS West Virginia Organization site.

This is a list of sailors and Marines who had died between the 2011 and 2012 reunions.  The next reunion this September in San Diego, California, may be the last one. Of course, the West Virginia was sunk during the Pearl Harbor attack, raised, rebuilt and later participated in other battles in the Pacific.

Taps were played at the 2012 Reunion in Charleston, West Virginia, for these men who had served on the ship and passed away:

Donald B. Wilkins
Ralph Batchelor
Charles Shea
David Franklin Jones
Albert J. Gleason, Jr.
Anthony Sereno
Esla E. Gates
Joseph B. Keziah
John J. Mikottis
William V. Stein
Ernest R. Wilson
Ray Stevens
Heinz Volz
Herman H. Schlaefer
Claude B. Knox
Robert A. Jones
Richard Jesson
Robert R. Cony

Sorry to See Them Go.  --GreGen

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