Friday, April 19, 2013

We Lose the "Chief"-- Pearl Harbor Survivor

From the April 11, 2013, Sheboygan (Wi) Press "'Chief' Schleusner was one of two Pearl Harbor survivors in Sheboygan County."

Known as "Schlea," "Bud," and "Dutch" but mostly just by "Chief."  Harry Schleusner, 93, died March 29th.  he was one of only two known Pearl Harbor survivors still alive in the county.  The other one is Stuart "Bud" Sweeney, of Plymouth.

Chief Schlea spent 40 years in the Navy and became a chief petty officer.  He grew up in Bruce, Wisconsin, and joined the Navy at age 18 and served as an aviation machinist and pilot and was 21 when the attack came.  He was sleeping in his barracks when awakened by his commander and recalled being told that the Japanese planes were flying so low that he should just grab anything to fight, even if it was just to throw it.

He was almost always seen wearing a hat with the word "Chief" on it.

Another One Gone.  --GreGen

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