Friday, May 2, 2014

USS Indianapolis Survivor Edgar Harrell-- Part 2

Edgar Harrell's story has to do with his experience during those four-and-a-half days.  He abandoned ship with only a kapok life jacket and thus required swimming  for that period of time. It was estimated that some 900 men got off the ship into the sea, but many had been injured from the explosions and resulting fire.

Of the eighty men the group that Harrell found himself in, some 40 didn't make it through the second day, and there were only 17 alive the third day at noon.

It was an answer to a prayer for water when a small cloud passed overhead and dropped some much needed rain.  On the third day, he found a crate of half rotten potatoes which helped sustain him.

At the end of the 4th day. an American plane very fortunately spotted the Indianapolis' oil slick and upon investigation, found Indianapolis survivors scattered over a 75-mile area.  Rescue was called in and over the next 24 hours, only 317 of the 1197 on the Indianapolis when it sank, were rescued.

There Was No Way I Was Going to Miss an Opportunity to See and Hear This Man.  --GreGen

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