Thursday, May 22, 2014

USS Indianapolis Survivor Edgar Harrell-- Part 13: Hospitalized

Edgar Harrell was suffering from salt water ulcers and his skin was coming off and he was bleeding as well.  He was taken to Pelilu and then to Guam.  There, he was strapped into his cot and covered in Vaseline grease.

Admiral Spruance came and gave him a Purple Heart.

On August 6, 1945, he found out what the thing the Indianapolis was carrying on that top secret mission.

At that time, Mr. Harrell said there was more, but, "Invite me back or read my book."

Of the 317 men who survived the sinking and days in the water back then, only 36 are still alive.  Of the 36, he and just one other Marine survive of that branch of service.

The last reunion was attended by just 15 survivors, but there were 450 there including relatives, friends and interested persons.  I am thinking of going to the next one in July which may be the last one.

Mr. Harrell made a big point out of the fact that in all that huge ocean that they would have been so fortunately sighted by the plane.  "What were the chances that you'd be seen."

I had a nice talk with others interested in the saga while waiting in the long line to get my book signed by Mr. Harrell.


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