Saturday, May 17, 2014

World War II Veterans 90, Government Shutdown 0-- Part 2

These guys were not to be denied.

"There was no way anyone could (have stopped them), said Tracey Rouse.  "We were actually greeted by hundreds of supporters who were clapping and holding signs."

A handful of Illinois' Congressional leaders also were there, most notably U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, a Republican.

Kirk Tweeted early in the day he planned to meet the group, though lawmakers weren't the focus of the visit.
"We're not here to see them.  They might be here to see us, but the veterans are here to see their memorial," Rouse said.  "This is not a day for politicians, this is a day for honor."

The Illinois veterans were the second wave to come ashore on the banks of the Potomac to take the World War II Memorial.

Like there was any way that they would be stopped or arrested.

Like We've Said Many Times, "The Greatest Generation."  --GreGen

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