Friday, May 16, 2014

USS Indianapolis Survivor Edgar Harrell-- Part 12: Rescued!!

Finally, there was a B-25, just 4,000 feet high.  This plane was having problems with its radio stabilizer which it towed behind it.  The pilot was working on it when he saw the sun glint off an oil slick (from the Indianapolis).  The plane was out looking for Japanese submarines and this might have something to do with one.

So, the plane circled 2-3 times, saw the survivors floating around like "ducks on a pond," then climbed up high enough to radio the location and bring other planes and ships to the area.

The destroyer USS Doyle was notified and made haste for the scene.  Another plane, a PBY,  came and landed and despite huge swells, managed to pick up 51.  The plane was so crowded, they had to tie seven survivors on the wings.

Because of the huge swells and overloading, the PBY couldn't take off, but continued to avoid swamping until a destroyer arrived.


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