Tuesday, May 13, 2014

USS Indianapolis Survivore Edgar Harrell-- Part 11: Spotted?

Edgar Harrell and another Marine then joined 55 others on a raft.  While on it, he saw a crate floating in the ocean and swam over to it and found it loaded with potatoes, although mostly rotten.  he peeled off the rotten parts and ate several, his first food since the sinking.  He referred to it as his little picnic of half-rotten potatoes.

Five others joined him for dining.

He remembers the nights being really dark.  By now, it was just Harrell and Lt. McKisseth from texas still on the raft.

They could every so often see B-29s flying off on missions at 30,000 feet, way too far away and high to see them.  And, the USS Idaho had not reported them missing.

Then they looked up and the call went out, "There's a plane.  It was a B-25 flying along at 4,000 feet.  This gave them renewed energy despite the ordeal, as they tried to wave it down.

Did the Plane See Them?  --GreGen

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