Tuesday, August 5, 2014

HMAS Sydney II Memorial Completed in Time to Commemorate 70th Anniversay

From Perth Now News.com.au" by Katie Robertson.

Geraldton, Western Australia.  When the HMAS Sydney II went down, 645 Australians died during its battle with the German raider Kormoran.    I have many entries about this in my Cooter's History Thing blog.

The Sydney was lost somewhere in the waters 122 nautical miles off Shark Bay and was finally located in 2008.

The Pool of Remembrance has just been completed on top of Mount Scott and is intended to complement other parts of the memorial including the statue of the waiting woman.  The recessed pool was designed by West Australian artist John Walsh Smith and has a map showing the shipwreck site at its bottom..  There is a two meter tall  stainless steel seagulls marking the exact position in the pool.

The lowest step is made of polished black granite into which images of 644 silver gulls shadows etched, circling the ship along with the date November 19, 1941.


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