Tuesday, August 19, 2014

USS Eaton (DD-510)

From Wikipedia.

Even though the accident between the battleship USS Wisconsin and destroyer USS Eaton took place considerably after the war, both ships did participate in World War II.

The USS Eaton was named for a General Eaton, possibly a General Eaton from the Civil War (but i was unable to find out for sure).  It was 376 feet long, had a 39.8-foot beam and a crew of 336.  It was armed with five 5-inch guns, 17 anti-aircraft guns, 10 torpedo tubes and 6 depth charge racks.

Commissioning was 4 December 1942 and sponsor was Mary Eaton Phillips, great-great granddaughter of General Eaton.

It initially escorted convoys and operated off Guadalcanal.

In 1944, it was in the Battle of Leyte Gulf and on 9 January 1945, destroyed an enemy suicide boat which came within 25 yards before blowing yp and killing one and wounding fourteen.

In 1945, it operated off the Philippines and after the war, patrolled the coast of China.

It served in the Vietnam War from 1967-1968.


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