Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive-- Part 2: The Polish Legion

The McHenry fire department again had a huge American flag flying from atop a tall hook and ladder truck.  There was also a large 48-star flag affixed to the gazebo where the speakers and Big Band were.  This would be the flag of the country during the war as Alaska and Hawaii had yet to be admitted as states.

A 1940s vehicle was parked by the street along with a lot of U.S. flags.

The Polish Legion of American Veterans were not too happy as they were serving food and couldn't start until getting an o.k.  from the city health department.  They were unable to serve until the beginning of the ceremonies.

McHenry has three veterans organizations.  Along with the VFW and American Legion, there is also this group, whose building downtown caught fire on Mother's Day and sustained quite a lot of damage, but they hope to be open again by March or April.


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