Monday, August 4, 2014

World War II Veteran Markets Digital "Taps"-- Part 1

From the July 27, 2014, Wilmington (NC) Star-News, by Will Higgins of Indianapolis Star.

This is a good-news, bad news scenario, for Bill Wellman, 90.  "There's going to be more patriotism because people my age who fought World War II are dying out at 1.100 a day, and that's going to bring more and more attention to service and sacrifice."

Actually, the number of deaths averages closer to 600 a day, but even so, that is a lot of the increasingly smaller group of WWII Veterans.

And, all those deaths are putting pressure on the few people who can play a trumpet for the traditional and sad "Taps" that plays at each funeral.  It is getting increasingly harder to find musicians to play the song at the cemeteries.

Wellman, of Valparaiso, Indiana, has developed a fairly inexpensive but profitable way to sell a digitalized version of taps that consists of a small computer hooked up to two 30-watt speakers using technology that turns lights on and off at a prescribed time.  He charges $1,500.

I was unable to learn if it can be used more than once, but imagine it can be.

The Greatest Generation.  --GreGen

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