Friday, March 15, 2019

One of Nebraska's Last Pearl Harbor Survivors Dies, Robert Winslow

From the March 4, 2019, Omaha (Neb.) World Record by Steve Liewer.

Robert Winslow, 97, served on the destroyer USS Helm (DD-388) before and during World War II.  He died February 21.  Born November 10, 1921, in Blue Springs, Nebraska and enlisted in the Navy three weeks after turning age 18.

The USS Helm was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked and was the only ship already underway steaming toward dry dock.  It reversed course and headed back to open ocean.  The crew believed it shot down at least one enemy plane during the attack.  They also encountered a mini submarine and attacked it, forcing it aground.

A month later the Helm was on a secret mission to rescue personnel on Howland and Baker islands in the Pacific.

Mr. Winslow was discharged from the Navy in 1946.

Now, there are just two known Pearl Harbor survivors living in Nebraska:  Ed Guthrie, 100, of Omaha and Melvin Kennedy, 95, of Grand Island.

Losing That Greatest Generation.  --GreGen

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