Monday, March 18, 2019

USS Helm (DD-388)-- Part 2: The Battle of Savo Island

After the attack, the Helm joined the task group of aircraft carrier Saratoga which had just arrived from San Diego.    It served as a screening and anti-aircraft ship.

On 20 January 1942, the Helm sailed on a special mission to rescue Department of the Interior workers from the islands of Howland and Baker in the Pacific.  Using her whaleboat, the Helm brought off six men from the two islands 31 January.  A Japanese patrol bomber attacked her  later that day but was driven off.  The Helm returned to Pearl Harbor.on 6 February.

Later in 1942, the Helm operated in the Pacific and near Australia.  Then, the ship provided cover for troopships going to Guadalcanal in August 1942.  On the night of August 8, the Helm was in the Battle of Savo Island which resulted in a huge loss of ships for the Allies but did save the landing ships at Guadalcanal.


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