Monday, March 25, 2019

USS Maumee (AO-2)-- Part 2: Service in North Africa, North Atlantic, Pacific and Republic of China

The Maumee steamed from Norfolk, via Bermuda and arrived at Casablanca 25 November 1942.  Then she returned to Norfolk.  She got underway for North Africa with March 19, 1943.  It made other fuel runs  until 8 July when she was ordered to carry oil from  the Netherlands West Indies to east coast navy bases.  For the next eight months the Maumee operated between the Caribbean and  and bases as far north as Newfoundland.

On 25 March 1944  the Maumee resumed its transatlantic runs, this time along the North Atlantic convoy route to Northern Ireland and England.  After two of these runs, she returned to her  Aruba-east coast runs.

In May 1945, orders were received to proceed to the Pacific Fleet.  She departed Norfolk 20 June and arrived at Pearl Harbor 15 July.  That same day she was redesignated the AG-124.  After a month there, the Maumee left for China and arrived at the Yangtze River 30 September and then went to Shanghai where she was the station fuel ship until November when she returned to Pearl Harbor.

After the war, the Maumee was one of several vessels transferred to the service of the Chinese Nationalist Republic under Lend-Lease  and saw service with the Republic of China Navy until 1967 when she was scrapped.

I am still writing about the Civil War USS Maumee in my Civil War Navy blog Running the Blockade and this ship's service prior to World War II in my Cooter's History Thing blog.


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