Thursday, March 7, 2019

Turner Brass Works, Sycamore, Illinois

From the Made in Chicago Museum   "Turner Brass Works Est. 1871.

In a 1925 article in Sycamore's True Republican newspaper, put it:  "The world's largest exclusive manufacturer of blow torches, fire pots and braziers carry the name Sycamore to every corner of the globe and thus does the lion's share in advertising  its home city."

The company was originally in Chicago until 1907, when it moved to Sycamore, Illinois.   Especially known for their blow torches of which they were one of the biggest makers.

From 1890s to 1990s "when it closed via wrecking ball."

Vintage  Blow Torches site says:  The Turner Brass Works  originally made harness and saddle fittings, as well as components for bicycles.  By the 1890s , Turner was making blowtorches and its merger with another Chicago torch maker, the White Mfg.  Co., led to Turner becoming the largest of all the blowtorch makers.


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