Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ships Sunk Odd North Carolina Coast May 1942

From the NC-wreckdiving-com site.

The month of May marked a significant drop in the number of Allied ships sunk off the coast of North Carolina compared to the previous four months.  I'm not sure why, because in June, the numbers were up drastically.  Perhaps the drop in May was due to U-boats returning to Europe for resupply and more torpedoes so none were on station.

Some of these were already mentioned in the list of ships sunk in May on Wikipedia.

MAY 5TH:  LADY DRAKE, passenger-freighter, torpedoes and sunk bu U-160, 12 killed.:

MAY 6TH  HMS SENATEUR DUHAMEL, armed trawler collided with USS Semmes and sunk.

MAY 9TH: U-352, depth charged by USS Icarus, 14 killed.

MAY 12TH:  HMT BEDFORDSHIRE, armed trawler, torpedoed and sunk bu U-558, 37 killed.

I'll have to do some research on the collision between the Semmes and Senateur Duhamel.


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