Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Back to the June 6th: Chicago Veterans Recall D-Day

Hank Rosetti recalled that as he and fellow soldiers worked to set up their first aid station in Normandy, he watched as Germans fired at American planes.  As a medic, he carried only bandages and medication, but no gun.

"I kept watching tracer bullets.  They were shooting at our planes.  I was kind of sweating that some of our guys would get shot down."

His first aid station was at a French farmstead, perhaps 40-50 miles inland from the coast.  No wounded Americans came to him for a day.  At one point after the wounded started arriving, the Germans began shelling the area.  The young daughter of the farmer ran outside and her mother ran after her.  Both were killed.  He said that memory still haunts him.

He survived that day and the rest of the war, starting a career and getting married.  A small house on Chicago's Southwest Side served to raise a family and he still lives there.


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