Tuesday, June 17, 2014

World War II Vet, 90, Running Across United States for LST- 325-- Part 1

From the June 12, 2014, WBIW (Indiana) "90-Year-Old WWII Vet Running Across the U.S.."

Ernie Andrus, 90, started his trek across the United states last October at the Pacific Ocean and is currently in Arizona.  He says he averages 17 1/2 miles a week and sometimes is running by himself and other times with supporters.  He is doing this for the LST-325, homeport in Evansville, Indiana.

LST stands for Landing Ship Tank in Navy speak.  These flat-bottomed ships were designed during World War II with the purpose of landing troops, tanks and heavy equipment to enemy beaches and were particularly apparent at D-Day and the follow-up Normandy operation as well as in the Pacific against the Japanese.  


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