Thursday, June 19, 2014

World War II Vet, 90, Running Across U.S. for LST-325-- Part 3

Many LSTs were destroyed in nuclear bomb tests after the war.    Some were used in combat as late as the Vietnam War and others were given away or sold for scrap.

The LST-325 was found in Greece which got it from the U.S. in 1964 and the LST Memorial organization bought it in 2000.

Ernie Andrus, the man running across the country, and several other WWII vets went to Greece to prepare the ship to sail back across the Atlantic to its home country.

"They told us it was a job that 44 young men could never do.  Well, 28 old men went over there and did it."

Winston Churchill once said that the Allies couldn't have won the war without the LSTs.

Andrus was a Navy corpsman during the war.

I've been able to see the ship docked in Evasville.


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