Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ships Sunk Off NC Coast June 1942-- Part 1

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The number of Allied ships sunk off the coast picked up significantly from the May results, which had just one non-warship sunk.  Of interest, there weer quite a few ships sunk off the NC coast in June 1918 by the U-151.  I didn't know German U-boats operated off the coast during the First World War.  I'll list these ships in my Cooter's History Thing Blog.

June 1st: WEST NOTUS, freighter, shelled and scuttled by the U-404, 12 killed.
June 3rd:  ANNA, freighter,  torpedoed and sunk by U-404.
June 7th:  PLEASANTVILLE, torpedoed and sunk by U-135.
June 11th  F.W. ABRAMS,  tanker, struck Allied mine and sank.
June 19TH:  USS YP-389,  patrol craft, shelled and sunk by U-701, 6 killed.

And, there Are More.  --GreGen

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