Monday, June 2, 2014

What Were These Arlington Farms?-- Part 3: "28 Acres of Girls"

Housing at Arlington Farms was segregated..

To qualify to live there, government workers had to earn between $1,260 to $1,620 a year.

Four dorms housed service women, primarily WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service and six for civilians.

A single 8'-by'10' room rented for $24.50 and a double for $16.50 a month.

It didn't take long for the complex to become known as "28 Acres of Girls" and "G-Girl heaven."

After the war ended, the complex continued in use for five years.  By 1950, fewer than 1,800 women remained and the government began closing it and turning the land over to the military.  During the Korean War it was used as a draft center.

The dorms were demolished in the mid-60s and today the site is part of Arlington National Cemetery.  So That's Arlington Farms.  --GreGen

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