Monday, June 9, 2014

Twelve Turning Points of World War II

Book review from Strategy Page.

TWELVE TURNING POINTS OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR, by Philip M.H. Bell.  Noted WW II author's new book.

His 12 Turning Points:

1.  Fall of France
2.  Battle of Britain
3.  Operation Barbarossa and Hitler's Invasion of the Soviet Union
4.  Pearl Harbor

5.  Battle of Midway
6.  Battle of Stalingrad
7.  The Battle of the Atlantic
8.  The War in the factories

9..  The Tehran Conference
10.  D-Day and the Normandy Campaign
11.  The Yalta Conference
12.  Development and Use of the Atom Bomb

Hard to Disagree With This List.  --GreGen

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