Monday, May 20, 2013

Harry Daube, Last Remaining Survivor of the USS Leopold-- Part 3

In an accompanying video, Mr. Daube speaks of looking into the eyes of sailors holding on to the sides of the life rafts and as they lost their lives to thee xtreme cold water, just go limp and drift away.  Survival in the frigid water was just 20-30 minutes.

They had to wait 10-15 hours as torpedoes were still being fired at the USS Joyce as it tried to rescue the survivors.

Harry Daube is a survivor and it is belived that Signalman 3rd Class Joseph Arnand is the only other one still alive.  (I wasn't able to find any information on him, though.)

Mr. Daube is a retired park police sergeant and lives in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

The Story of a Ship and Its Valiant Crew.  --GreGen

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